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About eGiclee Digital Fine Art Prints

eGiclee Digital Fine Art PhotoPrints Gallery Features Work By Emerging Toledo Area Artist Lonn Dugan. 

Classical Compositions to Contemporary Abstracts &.  Photo Art Printed as Giclee Prints using Archival Pigments.

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Original prints are available as Unmounted Prints, Framed Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints, Wood Prints, Metal Prints, Plexiglass Prints, or Traditional Framed Prints.  Media textures and finishes to choose from include Canvas, Water Color Paper, Matte or Gloss PhotoPrint Paper, whatever fits the art and your sense of style.  Framing and Matting choices can be selected from HUNDREDS of styles, maybe THOUSANDS and then previewed right here on the site.


Artist Bio

First Photos:  As a young boy at age 8, Lonn Dugan used his first allowance to buy a camera from a hotel vending machine, eager to capture images of Texas after a cross country move from Ohio exposed him to a new visual world.

First Fine Art: a child of 12 a foil relief sculpture of the famous Alamo Fort was a prizewinner in a statewide art contest.  Photography and artistic creativity have been a part of his life, always!

Experience and Training:  Commercial experience in photography, digital graphic art, advertising layout and design, and web design fueled a growing interest in digital  photo editing techniques.

Today Lonn produces original digitally mastered abstracts, and fine art photo prints from Canon and Nikon equipment and Adobe Photoshop skills to produce unique, one of a kind fine art compositions.

First Fine Art Print:

Printed first Giclee in the year 1998 while running a one man ad agency that had a nice scanner and large format printer. Work by local artists was scanned and reproduced, printing on canvas, heavy watercolor paper, or photo paper at about 30″ x 40″ on average and up to 4′ x 6′.

First Art Show:

in the year 2000, Lonn printed one of his own images at 24″ x 36″ and submitted to a local art show. Dugan had been the photographer, the digital darkroom processor, airbrush artist, and print maker. However, it was rejected because the local art community was not ready to allow that Giclee prints were “art”.

Middle Years:

Continued growth and experience in photography, commercial art, logos, magazine ads, newspaper ads, and etc.

By 2005 Lonn had obtained a state of the art wide format inkjet printer that could print on canvas, water color paper, vinyl, and many other media.

First Entry To An Exhibit Refused:

Also around 2005, Lonn submitted several of his early Giclee prints to a county library exhibit of local art.  Jurists refused the work, claiming it wasn’t “art”.  They even accused him of scanning magazine covers and blowing them up to a 2′ x 3′ size.

Lonn felt both complimented, as the Photographer, Digital Artist, PrintMaker and Framer, but was also set back by the rejection of the new art form of original digital fine art prints.

Print Work For Other Artists:

After seeing what Lonn was doing with Giclee Printing, several local artists including Larry Golba and Neil Frankenhauser commissioned prints of some of their personal favorite pieces as a test.  They were thrilled and startled, even a little intimidated by the accuracy of reproduction that was possible. But the art community was not completely ready for the digital revolution at this time.

First Museum Display:

In 2011 The Toledo Museum of Art accepted a landscape photo to a Juried Exhibit.  The Toledo Museum of Art is widely recognized worldwide as a powerful force in the curation and exhibition of fine art.  It has also earned the title of “America’s Favorite Art Museum”.

Next Steps:

Now that the year is 2017, digital Giclee printing technology has come a long way toward acceptance!  Digital artists can now offer original fine art print of their best work to a global audience using the miracle of online gallery anf frame shops.

Let The Word Go Out:

Now that Lonn has begun exhibiting his work, he hopes that he might begin to win recognition, acclaim, and to sell his work. Correspondence and Inquiries welcome regarding changes to existing work or to discuss commissions by subject or special interest in location or technique.

Artist’s Statement

Digital Fine Art Studio Toledo
“Peace Rose”
eGiclee Digital Fine Art Studio Toledo

My work is a celebration of Beauty in the world around us.

I Enjoy Capturing Special Moments in Time, Especially in Nature Where Perfect Moments Might Not Last Very Long.

Roses can be blooming in your house in winter!

A good capture artfully manipulated in Photoshop and printed on large scale gallery wrapped canvas can stunning.

The goal I have in mind when I work is to create something that stirs the heart. Some subjects are man made because here too we can find beauty in line, form, shape, season, lighting and more.

I also dabble in original digital abstracts generally from nature or with nature in mind.